Educational Word Jumble Mobile Game for Kids, Vocabul Jumble (Word Jumble), crosses 10,000 downloads in a very short span of time. Vocabul Jumble is based on Word Jumble Puzzles carried in popular newspapers along with comics. Vocabul Jumble can be played in both phones & tablets.

This is a very big news which we would like to share with our Customers, who have encouraged us in a splendid manner and have wanted us to grow more to serve our target audience. We are very proud to say that this is not the first time we have been overwhelmed by our customers. And we are still growing strong such that we may have to write another post of such kind in the near future

Vocabul Jumble Crosses 10,000 Downloads

Vocabul Jumble Crosses 10,000 Downloads

With over 10,000 words in the database, Vocabul Jumble forms an intriguing word jumble game. It is a fun way to test kid’s vocabulary. Grown-ups too can have fun in overcoming the challenges in each level. Vocabul Jumble engages players by offering Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert Level Grades based on increasing difficulty levels.

Vocabul Jumble improves concentration and also strengthens confidence in children by helping them build a strong vocabulary. It gives an option to play against a time-limit (V/S Time Mode) or a relaxed game play (Casual Mode) to score points, collect coins & earn star rating for each level; thereby presenting a wholesome package for fun and education. Vocabul Jumble provides a shared game play enabling parents to encourage healthy competition between siblings.

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